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Waves Integrity Dimensions Ethics Relativity

About Wider

A vibrant development company that led projects in more than 70 cities around the world over a period of 15 years, bringing international standards to boost local excellence.
We specialize in crafting customized strategies and translating them into daily practices through consulting, training, coaching, and business process outsourcing.
We work with multinationals and local businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, SMEs and individuals.

We strive to customize experiences based on international standards
and make them accessible to each organization and individual we work with.
Through this, vibrant development reaches the needed momentum to upgrade performance and results.
We aspire to become the reference for any individual and organization seeking
an intervention for a customized and practical performance upgrade.
Everything in our company revolves around values. We value each person,
strive to offer the best value, and we act within a set of clear moral standards.
We put all our efforts and expertise at the service of the people we work with.
The dedication, care, and spirit of volunteerism are at the core of our principles.
We don’t sell time; we partner for excellence.
Our philosophy revolves around continuously improving and sharing the skills of
our highly motivated, committed, and qualified team.
We developed a clear belief about how real development works:

- It needs more than the numbers to make the numbers
- Real development is about the culture
- Context over Dogma
- People and Systems go together

We create

The most convenient environment for the project

We use

The most adapted and suitable professional tools

We customize

Everything to suit the project and deliver optimum results

We follow-up

And measure though KPIs to guarantee sustainability

We align

Expectations among all stakeholders because we believe that every person has an impact


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